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MBA offers a wide variety of seminars and presentations that meet the constantly changing needs of our customers. Our seminars are industry related and non product specific, while our presentations are geared towards feature, function, and benefits of specific products. The seminars are customized to address a specific audience knowledge level, quantity of people, and length of presentation.

Many of our plumbing seminars are approved for Continuing Education Units (CEU).  These CEU’s are required for the plumbing professionals to maintain their licenses.

Our seminars and presentations provide the fastest way for contractors, wholesalers, engineers, inspectors and end-users to increase their knowledge in the shortest period of time. This can either be a refresher on a topic that has not been used recently or a brand new topic or new technology.  Most of the seminars also involve demonstration units for hands on approach. Seminars and presentations can be done at locations of our customers choosing.  In addition, we can use the internet to remotely do presentations over your computer.

The size and style of the seminars range from small interactive groups to a room full of people with a more canned presentation. These seminars range from a quick one hour to multiple days. All of the existing seminars and presentations are done using both Microsoft Power PointTM and VisioTM.



Our existing seminars fit into the major categories below:

1. Sales Features, Functions, & Benefits of Products: These presentations are geared to the sales person for the products/manufacturers that we represent. Multiple manufacturers or a specific product line of one manufacturer can be presented.

2. Energy, Budget, & Maintenance Savings: Hydronic components, boilers, GEO, and tankless water heaters are just some of the product introductions geared to reduce the cost of energy bills, free up budget dollars, and reduce maintenance time. This seminar is geared to management responsible for the bottom line. Schools, hospitals, industrial, and municipalities are some examples of the groups that could benefit from this seminar.

3. Technical aspects of Design, Installation, & Service: This seminar is customized to the product or manufacturer of your choice. The pace of the seminar is dictated by the knowledge base of the participants.

4. Basic & Advanced Control Seminars: Both basic and advanced topics that contractors, counter people, designers, and sales people need to know, but were afraid to ask. This seminar can be geared to a specific piece of equipment or to a more broad approach that addresses an entire field.

5. Hydronic and Control Systems: This 3 hour seminar goes through basic boiler trim for hydronic and radiant heating systems along with their corresponding control schematics.

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