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History: We have been around for over 60 years (founded in 1963).  The territory we cover is the state of Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan. MBA was founded by three people (Jim Miner, Tom Boehnlein, & Bob Ackerman) using the initials of their last names for the name of the company.

Personnel: John Ackerman, Mark Krumnow, Phil Hrenak, Kevin Hansen, Tim Revell, Patti Race and Renee Tezak. All the guys work with our distribution channel as one of their main functions, while in addition we call on Engineers, contractors, mechanicals, builders, and end-users. This pull through approach has been welcomed with open arms with all of our manufacturers as well as our distributors. With this down economy, all of us have increased our travel time to contractors and end-users for both residential and commercial applications. Patti and Renee anchor our inside sales and technical support. They are considered by many of our distributors to be two of the top inside sales support personnel that they work with. 

Experience: Everyone at MBA has unique skills, ranging from Design Engineer to Professional Engineering to install & service contractor experience. We all contribute our unique skill sets of knowledge to the whatever wholesaler needs them.  This unique approach allows us to make sure the customer is satisfied with our service.  

Monthly Newsletter: Phil creates a monthly newsletter that highlights manufacturers’ news, new products, tech tips & latest trends in the industry.

Areas of Expertise: HVAC, forced air, hydronics, controls, GEO, solar, plumbing, & refrigeration in residential, commercial, & industrial systems. Because of our expertise in the industry, manufacturers have frequently used MBA on steering committees for new products, test sites, & application specific concerns.

Seminars: All five of the outside people do seminars. These seminars cover products and topics to engineers, contractors, & distributors. In addition, Mark is a RPA (Radiant Panel Association) instructor in the United States.

Shows: Distributors, Builders, Engineering, Better Business Better Building, GEO, etc. 

Marketing / Engineering Tools: Booth (see picture), Magna and Alpha cross reference with energy calculations, working displays, videos, & travel trailers. MBA's custom booth allows full flexibility depending on the size of the show. Two 42” flat screen TV's with product information draw the customers into the booth to learn more.

Warehouse: MBA has a 4,000 ft office / warehouse that we call home.


Office hours: Our office hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Website:  We have created training videos for some of our lines.  For other lines, we provide a link to the training videos that the manufacturer has created.  These training videos allow the distributor or contractor to review or learn about the product and to make them more comfortable with the product. Please click on the links below to view some of our training videos that we created.


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